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We Want Your Business To Succeed

We ardently believe in client satisfaction and good quality products.

  • Best quality foaming material and products

  • Affordable and time-saving solutions

  • Customisable as per your needs and wants


40+ years experience, 1,000's customers, 100 distributors, sold in 80+ countries, rapid prototypes

Proudly made in the UK

Some Brands We Have Worked With

A Brief Look At Our Qualities

A miracle in the making

Time is relative. You have twenty years to travel? Sounds amazing! Twenty years to live? Barely enough. Well, whatever the context may be, forty isn’t a small number. And that’s exactly how long we’ve been working in the foam industry. We’ve grown with each success and learnt from each failure that the past four decades have thrown our way.

So you see, our miracles are a process. They are the result of many long, hard days spent researching and designing foams for our clients.

We're made just for you

The personalisation of our foam products and materials has been our single most differentiating factor. We’ll be with you from the moment you give us a call till the delivery of your product. We’ll consider your requirements, get your foams designed, personalize them accordingly and deliver it to your doorstep.

There is hardly any combination that we cannot curate for you. So sit back and relax while we create foams that are perfect for you, and just you.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic

We (and our foams) are extremely eco-friendly, as they consist of non-toxic materials. We are also a trusted member of the OATA and aim to improve the quality of biofiltration technologies with every project that we undertake.

With these values, you don’t have to worry about your contribution to saving the planet. We have it all sorted.

We're more than our products

When you buy a product from Foam Conversion, you’re buying more than just industrial equipment. We’ve done years of research and testing; We’ve done a series of trial and errors and so, we’re the largest independent foam producers in the UK.

If you’re looking for foam manufacturers who know the intricacies of what they produce and how they do it, you’re at the right place.

Let’s Talk About Foams

As we said, we’ve been here for a long time. Owing to our unparalleled experience and knowledge, we’ve finally figured out what makes the best foam. Here’s the secret -

Strong and Durable

When companies look for packaging foams to present their products to the customers, it is imperative that they pay attention to its durability and damage resistance qualities. With Foam Conversion’s industrial foams, you don’t have to worry about either

Tune Out The Disturbances

Silence is an important ingredient for comfort. Sometimes, all you want is to cancel out the background noise and focus on things that matter. Our soundproofing and noise isolating acoustic filters can help you with that

New and Updated

We believe that modern, fast-paced companies are the future and we’d like to see ourselves in that list. Research and development is a priority at Foam Conversion and so are new and upcoming foaming materials. Looking for something innovative and efficient? Call us

Are we an option?

We sure hope so! To make matters easier, let us list down exactly what we are useful for -

Acoustic Foams

Get echo-free, noise-isolating and soundproofing acoustic foams and use them for various applications.

Audio Foams

Our audio foams are available in six different varieties, each suitable for a different sort of application

Filtration Foams

Ensure high-quality biofiltration with Foam Conversion’s open-celled filtration foams

Packaging Foams

We have a wide variety of strong and durable industrial foams, perfectly suitable for your transportation and delivery needs.

Sealing Foams

Trusted by the OATA to promote the best fish-keeping practices in the world, our aquatic foams are the best in the UK.

If it one thing I have learned in my 20+ years with Foam Conversion, it is the importance of being transparent through the design process to help customers understand what is truly possible with foam.

We are always just a phone call away.

Mark Bibby


Mark Bibby



Here is a brief overview of all the things we’ve been highly acclaimed for:

We’re a trusted member of the OATA - and regularly work hard to achieve the best biofiltration methods.

We have a wide range of reticulated foams - from the lowest PPI to the highest, customisable as per your needs.

For innovative brand promotions, we also offer high-quality mic mufflers, available in every size/colour you’d like.

We’ll help you with packing, labelling and barcoding your products. Basically, our services include everything until it reaches you.

This modern foam material is imperative for professional audio equipment. We know all the nuances and hence, every audio foam we make will turn out perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you invoice me in another currency?2020-12-18T16:48:55+01:00

Yes, we can invoice in Pounds Sterling, Euro or Dollar.

Do you sell to the public?2020-09-30T15:42:16+01:00

No we are business to business supplier.

Can we visit your premises?2020-12-18T16:53:03+01:00

Yes, we are very happy to have customers visit us and to see a range of the products we can produce.

What are your lead times?2020-12-18T16:56:41+01:00

This varies between products but stock items are usually despatched within 2-3 days, cut to order products 7 – 10 days and machined/branded items 3 weeks.

We want to send you a drawing, what file types do you accept?2020-09-30T15:47:06+01:00

We can accept most common file types, DXF, DWG, Step etc but prefer to initially start with PDF files.

Do you ship outside of the UK?2020-09-30T15:47:57+01:00

Yes, we ship worldwide.

Can I track my shipment?2020-09-30T15:49:37+01:00

The majority of shipments are sent via next day courier and a tracking number will be supplied upon despatch.

What payment methods do you accept?2020-09-30T15:50:59+01:00

We can accept a bank transfer or credit card payment.

We first starting working with Foam Conversion several years ago to find a solution for a customer-specific problem. Since then we have turned to them every time we have a new requirement. Foam Conversion works with us from the design and development stage which really helps get products right in a shorter space of time.

Design Engineer

European/US Manufacturer of PPE equipment

We would love to help you!

Mark Bibby


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