Foam Conversion has remained an expert in technical and custom foam manufacturing for the past 40 years. Our experience and skills are unparalleled throughout the UK when it comes to making your concepts a reality. We believe in providing the most cost-effective solution to customers, operating in a myriad of industry sectors.

  • One stop for noise-control

Acoustic Foams

Our range of sound-absorbing, noise deadening acoustic foams are perfect for your soundproofing needs. These open-celled foams are specially formulated to minimize unwanted low and high-frequency disturbances.

Available in different densities and with a range of facing and backing options, our acoustic foams are manufactured to strict tolerances to offer extremely high levels of performance.

  • Tune out the disturbances

Audio Foams

Foam Conversion has been supplying Audio foams for over 30 years and our engineering expertise and innovative approach have helped us become the UK’s leading supplier of microphone windshields and headset foams.

Choose from a wide range of specialist materials to produce complex 3-dimensional shapes and assemblies that ensure your product performs perfectly every time.

  • Filter out your challenges

Filtration Foams

For over 30 years Foam Conversion has been supplying quality filtration products for industrial and consumer requirements. Whatever your filtering or separation needs, we have the range of materials, technical knowledge, and engineering capability to find you the best possible solution.

As the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of aquatic filters and a member of OATA, you can rest assured that all of our aquatic filter foams are made to the highest possible standards.

  • We’ll help you pack

Packaging Foams

Whether you are looking for shock absorbent, damage-resistant materials to protect your valuable items or an aesthetically pleasing presentation to showcase your products we have a selection of materials to cater to every requirement.

Available in a range of different colours and densities these highly durable foams can be fully personalized according to your specific needs.

  • Nicely sealed

Sealing Foams

Get airtight and watertight sealing solutions for all your complex assemblies with Foam Conversion’s seals and gaskets, Used in a variety of sectors like automotive, electronics, and construction, we offer special sealing equipment.

  • Your voice, your brand

Branded Windshields

We also do our printed microphone windshields. Made with the best quality materials, these microphone windshields are supplied by Foam Conversion to over 100 countries annually, through 20 distributors working all across the globe.

Click “Microphone Windshields Website” to find out more, opens a new window to our sister website.

Mark Bibby


What makes us different?

With over four decades of foam converting experience, we are sure to find you the most unique foaming solutions. There is hardly anything we haven’t seen yet and it shows in the way we handle business.

Foam Conversion regularly aims at developing their HRD and production processes. With new materials and techniques coming in every day, you’ll find us working on the next big thing as soon as it comes in.
If you’re looking for a complex foam design, size or colour, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know the application environment and we’ll help you create the most suitably designed foam for your business needs.

It is important for everyone to do their bit towards saving the planet, and this is exactly how we do it. Our aquatic filters are eco-friendly and have excellent biofiltration capabilities. In addition, all our foams are non-toxic and involve minimal environmental degradation.

If you’re looking for a modern, dynamic and fast-paced company producing reticulated foams, you don’t need to go any further. We have a wide range of reticulated foams, with different PPIs for various purposes. Decide on what your needs are and let us handle the rest.

Whether you are a global broadcaster or a local hospital radio, we put the same attention to detail and care into every product we make.

Whatever ideas you have, get in touch and let our skilled team bring your designs to life.

Pawel Tolkacz

Head of Sales – Printed Microphone Windshields

All our services


Converting foam is our prime focus, we can help create the best-customized foam panel for your business by guiding you on the materials and products.


We also assist you in the designing phase, making sure that your concepts turn into a reality with us. Our assistance often yields a product with fewer rejects.


Once we’re done with the process, we also provide post-designing services. These include customizing foam layers, adding water-resistant and fire-retardant properties.

We delight in solving customer problems

Going Above And Beyond

Foam Conversion has been in the business for over thirty years. We’ve solved simple everyday foaming problems to complex, futuristic foam requirements.

All of it has been made possible only by the support and trust of our clients. To pay you back, we’ll ensure that nothing goes wrong. From the designing process to the delivery of your products – everything is on us. Take a step forward, give us a call.

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