About Us

Foam Conversion is home to the best commercial foams in the UK. Acoustic, audio, filtration, packaging or sealing foams – we’ve got it all covered.

Our Services

Does your business need foams more often? Do you find yourself looking for a trusted foam converter for every foaming need? Look no further. In our customer pages, we try and guess your profession. In case you’re included, you can find all information regarding foams there.

In case you’re not – there’s nothing to worry about. As long as you have any foaming requirements, we’re ready to help.

Looking for customized foams? Choose from our wide range of open and closed cell foam products. Aquatic, acoustic, audio or filtration foams – we offer the absolute best materials for all your foaming needs.

From the traditional converting processes like band-knifing cutting, pressing and laminating to modern and complex grinding, CAD and CNC foam manufacturing processes, we’re an expert in everything.

Customisation is our forte. We can design your foams in every shape and form you desire.

Personalised materials, reticulated or non-reticulated, water or fire retardant, open-celled or closed-cell, we have it all covered. With an experience of over forty years, it’s no surprise that we have seen and solved every sort of foaming problem there is.

Like everyone else, we also agree with the “It’s the inside that matters” narrative and hence, we take special care with our foaming materials.

With diverse material choices ranging from polyurethane, polyester and polyether foams to post designing customisations like water/fire/dust retardance, Foam Conversion is ready to cater to your every need.

Foam engineering may be new and unexplored but we’ve been preparing for this modern phenomenon to go off for a while now.

Our 3D prototypes and product designing foams are available in a wide variety. And this has been made possible only by the years of experience in the field of product designing

Worried about designing, manufacturing, customising or delivering your foams? There’s no need to worry any longer.

Foam Conversion is dedicated towards its clientele from the beginning to the end. Our team is swift, resilient and ready to join you in this journey and put an end to all your foaming problems.

Modern Materials

Wondering whether we’re up to date with foaming research? Let us tell you – we lead it. It’s among our top priorities to make sure that we use modern materials for all our products – dust-proof, fire-proof, water-proof, reticulated, soundproof – we have it all.


We’ve been converting foams for over thirty years, there is hardly a foaming problem we haven’t yet encountered. If you’re wondering whether your requirements are too much or too little, choosing an expert in the field would be a good idea.

Eco-friendly Foams

At Foam Conversion, the environment is super important. We believe in converting non-toxic, CFC free foams perfect for you and your business.

All that we’ve done

We at Foam Conversion take huge pride in our achievements. Everything has been made possible only through our dedication and the trust and support of our clients.


We’re a trusted member of the OATA. We believe in encouraging healthy fish keeping practices by using biofiltration along with the traditional mechanical filtration methods.

Extensive range

We have a wide range of reticulated polyester and polyether foams. Keeping up with modern research and advancements, Foam Conversion is perfectly suited for fast-paced, modern companies.

Exported globally

Our mic-mufflers and microphone windshields are exported throughout the world! This popular promotional strategy is designed uniquely by Foam Conversion’s expert design and printing department.

Rapid prototyping

We take foam application to new heights. If you’re an engineer or product developer trying to bring your ideas to life, Foam Conversion’s 3D prototypes and foam engineering equipment are made for you!

The Future

Our story

Like every other business, we have a dream. For more than 30 years Foam Conversion has given nothing but the best products and materials to its clients. Probably the reason why we’re still in business! With time, we’ve adapted to new technologies and requirements, never once staying static in our approach.

Our goals

We have always had a clear goal, to provide our customers with high quality products made from the best materials on the market, using the knowledge we have gained together with our engineering expertise to offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet your specific demands.

Want to know more about us and how we can help you?