Acoustic Foams

Foam Conversion’s excellently prepared acoustic foams not only offer solid sound absorption but also ensure noise control and echo reduction. If you’re budget conscious and looking to get the most out of your money, our Acoustics foam would be perfect for you.

Why choose us?

When it comes to finding high quality and effective solutions for complex customer requirements, we can assure you, there is no better alternative. We understand that every business is unique and needs its own customized attention.

Complex Design

We provide customized technically complex foam design and assemblies as well as sheets and die-cut components.


Our premium production capabilities allow us to create highly standardised and efficient foams for acoustics.

Noise Control

We are experts in noise control, our acoustic foams will successfully cancel all background disturbances.

  • Sometimes, silence is golden

Excellent Noise Reduction

It goes without saying that noise reduction is now an important factor in various industries, from construction and automotive through to consumer products it is essential to eliminate background disturbances and to reduce reverberance and echo.

Our range of specialist acoustic foams can be tailored to meet the demands of every environment. From soundproofing a music studio to sound-insulating machinery to lower noise levels in adjacent rooms we can help provide a tailormade solution.

  • We can stick with you forever

We’ve Got Your Back

Our selection of acoustics materials are available in a range of densities and with varying degrees of fire retardancy to meet the strict fire regulations of different industries. From FMVSS302 through to Class “0” we have acoustic foams suitable for every application.

Our extensive range of technical foams is manufactured with the skills and experience gained from over 3 decades of production. The addition of specialist facing and high-performance self-adhesive backing can further enhance the performance of our acoustic foams.

  • Foams that are perfect for you

Personalising your product

To assist you in finding the perfect acoustics foam for your products, we need all the details. Well, not all of it, just enough to ensure that we know what you’re looking for.

Once the customer specifies the application environment and noise reduction requirements, we assist them by suggesting the appropriate foam material and design. If your needs are unique and innovative, we can also provide you with technical manufacturing support to achieve the desired level of acoustic performance.

We at Foam Conversion, truly believe that choosing the right foam, design and placement is crucial for the success of your product and that is exactly what makes us different.

  • Through thick and thin

Take a look at our multi-layered composites

Combining different acoustic foams to create a composite material can produce exceptional results especially where space is limited or extreme conditions exist. Our lamination facilities enable us to manufacture multi-layered components that offer optimum performance even in the most challenging environments.

Composites can be made using a range of polyurethane, polyethylene and high-density acoustic barrier matting to effectively reduce the transmission of airborne noise across all frequencies. As with all of our materials these can be supplied in sheets, cut to size or dye cut to you your required shape.

  • Understanding sound energy

The miracle of the ’70s – Polyurethane Foams

Polyurethane foam is still a relatively new material and new advancements and formulations continue to be developed offering buyers improved performance and endless possibilities. At Foam Conversion we continually strive to source the latest materials in order to remain at the forefront of the UK’s foam converting industry.

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We can provide a selection of open and closed-cell foam and rubbers, offering high levels of performance across a range of applications and sectors. Below are a selection of our most popular materials

Flexible, light weight foam available in a wide range of densities, excellent sound absorption

High density class “0” acoustic foam, exceptional sound proofing qualities

Highly resilient and stable material with low water retention and good acoustic properties

Semi open cell acoustic material, resistant to UV, Ozone and high/low temperatures


Take a look at our diverse range of acoustic foams, customisable in all shapes, sizes and colours. If you’re working on a DIY installation, use 3M tapes to paste the foams on walls that are right opposite to your acoustic devices. Currently, we offer six different types of product variety, each listed below.

  • Acoustic Tiles
  • Profiled Foams
  • Foam Dampers
  • Ear Defenders
  • Foam Panels
  • Anechoic Wedges


Get a consultation for acoustic foams

Soundproofing, echo eliminating and taming high frequencies – if you’re here looking for foams that have these qualities, we’re delighted to tell you that you’re at the right place.

For enquiries on what foam product or material will suit you best, send it to us by using our form.

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