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Choosing the right audio foam for your product is vital in ensuring its optimum performance. Whatever your needs might be – reducing wind interference and vibrations to cancelling out unwanted background noise, Foam Conversion’s audio foams have got you covered.

Why Choose Us?

There is no substitute for experience. Having been the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional audio foams for more than 30 years we have gained a wealth of valuable knowledge. Trusted by some of the worlds leading manufacturers you can have peace of mind that we put all of this expertise into every product we make.


We get involved early in the designing process which gives us the opportunity to advise on the most suitable materials and options available.


We also give practical design advice with regards to bulk production, saving your cost without compromising the quality of the product.


Our engineering experience, customer focus and flexible approach have resulted in a unique production facility, which enables us to solve complex customer demands, quickly and efficiently.

  • Polyurethane – One solution to many problems

Have A Look At Our Range Of Polyurethane Foams

The diversity of polyurethane foams available in the market means it plays several vital roles within the manufacturing process of professional audio equipment.

Important for reducing wind interference and vibration to cancelling out unwanted background noises, choosing the right material is extremely important for the growth of your business and the peace of your mind.

  • Reticulated Range

Opening Closed Walls For Your Business

The Reticulated polyester foams are made to extremely high tolerances, resulting in a completely open cell, acoustically transparent material.

With diverse PPIs, these foams can be made suitable for a wide variety of uses by perfectly tailoring them to work on different microphones and audio capture devices. This helps in eliminating unwanted background noises, speech ‘pops’ and prevents dirt and moisture from entering the microphone.

  • Taking things further

We Don’t Stop Here

Once you have chosen your material and product, we can further enhance the audio foam’s natural qualities by several unique post-treatments.

These include a water-resistant impregnation which is now widely used on noise-monitoring windshields. These windshields have been left outdoors for long and need an anti-static coating which is used on military headsets.

The open cell acoustic foams are commonly used in headsets and helmets to eliminate unwanted noise and vibrations within the earpiece. We also stock a selection of specialist speaker cloths that can be used together with the foam to produce complex assemblies that ensure a clear, quality transmission of audio.

  • Introducing printed microphone windshields

Promote Your Brand A Little Differently

If you’re looking for high-quality mic mufflers and printed windshields, Foam Conversion is all set to host you. While our quality products speak for ourselves, let us add the simple fact that we’ve been doing this for decades.

We realize how important non-intrusive promotional methods are and how to make them look simple, stunning and stylish.

Any shape or colour you bring to us, we promise we’ll recreate the perfect audio foam you have in your mind. With over 20 distributors globally and shipping to 100 countries annually, we are equipped to handle any challenge thrown our way.

  • Speaking from experience

Our Skills And Knowledge

Over the last 30 years, we have launched a range of bespoke machinery capable of producing extremely complex foam products to the highest quality standards. With a focus on design and research, we continue to work closely with our customers and help them in finding the best solution for their audio foam needs.

Since we’ve always tried to provide a complete solution to our customer’s needs, converting foams isn’t all that we do now. We’ve taken our business a little further and we now have full on-site lamination, flocking and printing facilities.

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To get the most out of your personalized foam, choose one (or multiple) material mediums for your use. From reticulated foams to Grill cloth, we have it all covered. As of now, we provide our products in five different material mediums.

a completely open cell, robust material available from 10 – 100ppi (Pores per Inch)

Adding a flocked finish enables us to produce a vast range of vibrant colours whilst also improving the performance of our microphone windshields in outdoor environments

A range of technically engineered breathable fabrics

A selection of lightweight, flexible polyurethane foams with excellent sound absorption characteristics

through a specially formulated post treatment we are able to provide water resistant foams that do not affect the audio transmission


Currently, our audio foams are available in six different varieties, each suitable for a different sort of application.

  • Microphone Windshields
  • Headset Foams
  • Foam Dampers
  • Ear Defender Foams
  • Speaker Grill Foams
  • Foam Padding


Mic-mufflers for cool marketing

Customised audio foams are our forte. Enriched with several post-treatments like fire-retardancy and water-proofing, the final product will blow you away.

For innovative brand promotion, try our mic-mufflers, they’re made with utmost precision and available in various colours and sizes. Reach out to us via our form to know more!

Mark Bibby


Mark Bibby


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