Foam Conversion

Deep technical expertise, rapid prototyping and superb customer service for acoustic, audio, filtration, packaging and sealing foams

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Foam Applications

To make matters easier, let us list down exactly what we are useful for –

Acoustic Foams

A range of sound-absorbing, noise deadening acoustic foams for use in variety of applications

Audio Foams

A huge range of audio foam grades suitable for every audio application and environment

Filtration Foams

High-quality filtration with our selection of reticulated polyether and polyester foam

Packaging Foams

We have a wide variety of strong and durable industrial foams, perfectly suitable for your transportation and delivery needs

Sealing Foams

Used in a variety of sectors like automotive, electronics, and construction, we offer special sealing equipment

Microphone Windshields

We are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of printed microphone windshields. Made with the best quality materials, these microphone windshields are supplied by Foam Conversion to over 100 countries annually, through 20 distributors working all across the globe.

“Whether you are a global broadcaster or a local hospital radio, we put the same attention to detail and care into every product we make.

Whatever ideas you have, get in touch and let our skilled team bring your designs to life.”

Pawel Tolkacz

Head of Sales – Printed Microphone Windshields

Pawel Tolkacz

Direct Dial
+44 (0)1234 419 476

  • Extraordinary Know-How

Design and Knowledge

With over 30 years of experience in the design and production of technical foam products, we are here to help and assist you through the development of your product, from the material choices to the available manufacturing processes and beyond.

Our in-house tooling facilities allow us to offer rapid prototyping and avoid any delays in bringing your designs to life.

  • Extensive Options

Wide Choice Of Material

Like everyone else we believe it is what’s inside that matters which is why we only supply materials that are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Foam is an incredibly diverse material suitable for use in a wide range of sectors, with an extensive range of polyurethane foams, reticulated polyether and polyester, polyethylene and sponge rubbers available from stock we are perfectly placed to react to every customer requirement.

  • Creating Functional Products

Engineering Processes And Experience

As people discover more uses for foam the requirement for increasingly complex shapes and designs grows. This is where Foam Conversion truly excels. With years of experience in developing new and innovative production techniques to meet customer demands.

From precise 3D profiles to intricate foam assemblies we have gained a reputation as one of the UK’s leading technical foam converters.

  • Lean Thinking

Fast Efficient Turnkey Process

Worried about designing, manufacturing, customising or delivering your foams? There’s no need to worry any longer.

Foam Conversion is dedicated towards its clientele from the beginning to the end. Our team is swift, resilient and ready to join you in this journey and put an end to all your foaming problems.

A Brief Look At What We Offer

Foaming solutions for all your needs.

Mark Bibby


One-Stop Solution For Your Foaming Needs

Foam Conversion has been in the industry for over three decades, which is enough time to perfect our skills and knowledge. We have seen foaming problems of every kind and we can assure you that we know how to solve them. Let us know your requirements and then sit back and we will take it from here.

We Are With You Until The End

Our services include more than just a transaction. We will assist you in designing, creating, customising and packing your final product. Rest assured, we will be with you unitil you find exactly what you came looking for.

The One For You

Our foams are fully customisable – which means that you get to select the size, material, design, and in some cases, the colour of your foams! Don’t hesitate to get wholly involved and speak your heart out because at Foam Conversion, we truly believe that only you know what’s best for yourself.

Some Brands We Have Worked With

At Foam Conversion, no problem is ever truly new. We’ve solved diverse foaming issues over the last three decades and hence, can easily borrow from past lessons to solve your troubles and win over stumbling blocks together. We do more than selling – we join you in your journey and help you fix complex foaming problems.

John Oakley


Foam Conversion’s Spotlights

1. Trusted by the OATA

2. Printed Microphone Windshields

3. Reticulated Foams

4. Understanding Sound Energy

5. Foam Characteristics

BFMTV, RMC, RCM SPORT and the entire SFR MEDIA GROUP chose Foam Conversion over several windshields manufacturer.

As a French company, why go abroad?
There aren’t too many reasons. Basically FC makes better quality products and is far cheaper than the other manufacturers we worked with. There was no point hesitating

BFM TV – France

Mark Bibby


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