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Product Designer

While our name suggests otherwise, at Foam Conversion, we don’t just manufacture foam products. Like we’ve always said, we bring your concept to life – converting your ideas to 3D prototypes. If it is too good to be true – trust us, confidentiality is everything in business. Your product design will be 100% private, securely tucked away from any possible competitors.

From procuring raw materials to detailing the most appropriate manufacturing process – we’ll assist you in everything.

A Look At Our Products

Flexible, strong, and made with the best raw materials, our foam products are appropriate for all your needs.
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Perfect Solution

We work with you to find the perfect solution for your foaming needs. Regular consultation and modification sessions are organised with our clients periodically.



While we boast of good quality materials and products, we also offer affordable options for small businesses.



Prototyping and model making requires innovation. We can assure you we’ve had forty years developing it.

What Can We Offer You?

With our personalized foam model prototypes, you can assess the quality and size of your product quite easily. This includes taking into account the foam material, aesthetic form, and dimensional analysis. Let’s together find the best, most affordable fabrication process to convert your idea into reality. So the next time you’re looking for technical foam services, hit us up, and we’ll make it worth it.

Some Brands We Have Worked With

Customer Specific Questions

Can you invoice me in another currency?2020-12-18T16:48:55+01:00

Yes, we can invoice in Pounds Sterling, Euro or Dollar.

Do you sell to the public?2020-09-30T15:42:16+01:00

No we are business to business supplier.

Can we visit your premises?2020-12-18T16:53:03+01:00

Yes, we are very happy to have customers visit us and to see a range of the products we can produce.

What are your lead times?2020-12-18T16:56:41+01:00

This varies between products but stock items are usually despatched within 2-3 days, cut to order products 7 – 10 days and machined/branded items 3 weeks.

We want to send you a drawing, what file types do you accept?2020-09-30T15:47:06+01:00

We can accept most common file types, DXF, DWG, Step etc but prefer to initially start with PDF files.

Do you ship outside of the UK?2020-09-30T15:47:57+01:00

Yes, we ship worldwide.

Can I track my shipment?2020-09-30T15:49:37+01:00

The majority of shipments are sent via next day courier and a tracking number will be supplied upon despatch.

What payment methods do you accept?2020-09-30T15:50:59+01:00

We can accept a bank transfer or credit card payment.

Foams that inspire you to design

Just to reemphasize, Foam Conversion is much more than just commercial foams. We believe in diverse ideas and our 3D prototypes help you bring them to life. Let your ideas take flight with our model making services.

What’s more? We’ll help you throughout the designing process, making sure you’re never alone. All you need to do – give us a call.

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