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Foams are used in a variety of industries – Aquatic, Acoustic, Filtration, and Packaging being some of them. With diverse applications come diverse clients, and hence, we’ve decided to spare you the effort of browsing for relevant details.

Just let us know who you are, and we’ll give you the perfect solution for all your foaming needs.

  • Fishing for foams

Aquatic Shop Owner

We’ve always believed in encouraging healthy fish keeping practices. Whether it is the research that goes into deciding the perfect water-fish combination or necessary after-care services, we understand the effort that goes into aquatic filtration.

Sure, there are many things to worry about, but we promise, with us, foams wouldn’t be one of your worries.

  • Affordable foaming options

Commercial Buyer

Finding the best foam for your business needs can be a little tricky. Our first suggestion would be to get a consultation. Once you’re done detailing us about your requirements, we’ll get started on providing you durable, flexible, and innovative foam products.

Here’s the plus point for commercial buyers – our foams are also super affordable.

  • Fitting Foams


Are you looking for modern, fast-paced foam manufacturers? You’ve stumbled upon a treasure. Flexible or sturdy, open-celled or close-celled, fire or water retardant, we have foams of every type. These affordable and versatile foaming options are perfect for your engineering projects.

There’s nothing we’d like better than helping you achieve new heights with foam engineering. So give us a call, we promise there would be no disappointment.

  • Pour life into ideas

Product Designer

Pouring life into concepts is your thing, and you know exactly how to do it. To assist you, we’ve created a wide range of 3D prototypes. Model-making requires innovation and quality; we will provide you with both. The best part? We have affordable options for small businesses too.

There’s not much to think about, just get your ideas on the deck and let us know how we can help you make it come true.

Mark Bibby


If you’re not on the list

First – we’re sorry.
Second – Foam Conversion is way beyond these four narrow categories. To simply categorize all our services to these four groups would be a little unfair. No matter what you use the foams for, here’s a little more information on the materials we use and the products we deliver.

Eco-friendly FoamsÂ

If you’re concerned about toxic, CFC containing foams and their impact on the environment, here’s some good news for you – our foams have neither of those properties. We believe in providing you with the best, and that too, not at the cost of your safe and healthy surroundings. We all must do our part!

Experience and Skills

If you’ve found what you were looking for but are still unsure whether to give us a go, you must read this. We’ve been working in the foam manufacturing industry for the past four decades; we’ve solved complex problems and learned from them. So let us do what we’re best at – understanding your needs and helping you fulfil them.

Wide Range Of Materials & Products

Our foams are made of high-quality materials. From reticulated polyester to multi-layered polyethene, from seals to gaskets, from sound-isolating foams to printed mic-mufflers, we’ve got you covered with all of it.

Whatever you do, we’re here for you!

The four categories above do not describe all of our customers. But it does a good job of helping the most common ones. If you’re in the list, there’s nothing to worry about. You can find all the information on the website and contact us if you need to book a consultation.

If we’ve missed you somehow – don’t worry. We cater to almost every foaming problem and there is absolutely nothing we cannot solve. Sceptical still? Just give us a call, we’ll convince you.

Ken Charles

Team support

Mark Bibby


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